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Join our ever-growing family of all ages and levels to discover the very best music school in North Vancouver, British Colombia


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Operating throughout the North Shore and as a prominent music school in North Vancouver, Mi Fa Music & Art School offers a friendly and encouraging atmosphere for music and art students of all ages, interests, and skill levels. Serving the broader Vancouver area, our students come from diverse backgrounds and aim for various accomplishments in music and art. Whether they’re picking up a violin or paintbrush for the first time in our music school Vancouver branch, or have years of experience and wish to refine their skills in our North Vancouver location, we’re here to guide them.

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Friendly atmosphere for music students of all ages, interests and skill levels

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Join our ever-growing family of all ages and levels and discover the very best music and art courses in British Columbia

Join our ever-growing family at our music school in North Vancouver, catering to all ages and levels, and discover the very best music and art courses in British Columbia.
From 2 to 92, it’s never too early―or too late―to play and enjoy music. Mi Fa, a renowned music academy North Vancouver, is a community where you’ll find like-minded students and experienced instructors ready to elevate your musicianship and celebrate every milestone with you.

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Mi Fa Art School North Vancouver

Are you interested in advancing your skills in drawing or watercolour, acrylic or oil painting in North Vancouver? Do you prefer group settings at our art school North Vancouver location, or are you more inclined towards one-on-one instruction? Whether you’re seeking an art class for your child or are eager to delve into the world of Persian calligraphy, Mi Fa Art School in North Vancouver is the place for you.

At Mi Fa in North Vancouver, our talented art instructors are excited to meet you or your child wherever you are in your artistic journey. Our primary goal is to inspire our students’ visions and furnish them with the skills needed to bring that vision to life on canvas. With our guidance, step by step, you’ll be crafting the masterpieces you’ve always envisioned.

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Lovely, professional service. The music school were extremely efficient and quick to find someone for my daughter's piano lessons. The teacher provided is absolutely wonderful, with a calm manner, supportive teaching style and it makes me want to play piano as well🥰
Course Andre-Piolat
Course Andre-Piolat
Great teachers, attentive and dedicated. My son enjoys his piano lessons and he is improving every week!
reza Amini
reza Amini
Mifa Music is undoubtedly one of the finest musical institutions in north Vancouver. I highly recommend mifa Music to anyone looking for a top-notch music school in the area
Ali McJavid
Ali McJavid
"MI-FA Music has been a fantastic experience for my son Raymon. Teacher Peyman is so dedicated and skilled, and Raymon has grown so much as a musician. I highly recommend MI-FA Music to anyone looking for a quality music education for their child."
vahid Haghighi
vahid Haghighi
I enrolled my son in Tombak classes at Mifa Music with Payman, and I couldn't be more impressed. Payman is an incredibly knowledgeable and skilled individual in the world of music, showing remarkable familiarity with various instruments. When I initially tried enrolling my son in another institute in Coquitlam, he was rejected by an instructor there. However, the transformation I witnessed after joining Mifa Music under Payman's guidance was astounding. Payman instilled hope, motivation, and energy in my son, not only encouraging his Tombak skills but also inspiring him to explore the Hangdrum, taught by Arsam. I am wholeheartedly convinced that Arsam is one of the finest professional professors, particularly excelling in guitar, percussion, and voice. The impact Payman and Arsam have had on my son's musical journey is truly commendable. Mifa Music is an exceptional institute that nurtures and uplifts its students under the guidance of such remarkable educators
Rabee Nouri
Rabee Nouri
This is my favorite music school in Vancouver. It has unique teachers. Especially Peyman, he is my piano teacher, he is the best teacher of my life.
Shahin Anvari
Shahin Anvari
I am taking my grandson to Arsam's music lesson every sunday.he loved the kid's music class there.they have so much fun playing xylophone and dancing.
Ramona Soliman
Ramona Soliman
My kids have started taking piano lessons at Mifa Music with Peyman a few months ago. Peyman is an amazing teacher. He is very knowledgeable and energetic who imparts excellent techniques while being patient and caring towards his students.He is very encouraging in his communication with kids and as a result my kids have developed strong passion for learning music in particular playing piano. In addition, I would like to thank Aida who does an excellent job, coordinating and organizing our lessons.She is very professional and helpful. I would highly recommend Mifa Music. Thank you Mifa Music🙏
Shirinm Ma
Shirinm Ma
I have a hard time finding classes that my daughter feels comfortable to attend but Mifa and Media made her feel so welcome and special that she looks forward to her classes and I am one happy mom. They respond to emails so quick and are very professional regarding the invoices and make up classes. Love that they send text reminders too! Everytime I’m in there waiting for my daughter’s class to finish, I see how good they are with kids and how happy everyone is, thanks Mifa!