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Looking for Piano Lessons in North Vancouver?

Throughout many classical and contemporary genres of music, the piano is the one instrument holding everything together. With its unmistakable sound, full range and remarkable expressiveness, musicians often use the piano to compose and perform their masterpieces.

It’s no mistake that MiFa Music & Art School specializes in piano lessons, providing a curriculum we see as the ideal path for growing musicians.


As one of the most prominent and top-rated music schools in North Vancouver, we are delighted to provide limited scholarships to support our young and talented musicians.

** For Students holding RCM Level 3 or above.

** Pending application acceptance.

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Why Start With The Piano?

A Large Repertoire in Piano Classes

Aside from the thousands of songs and compositions written specifically for the piano, there are thousands more adapted for the piano, known as reductions or arrangements. If you have a favourite song you want to learn and play, taking piano lessons in North Vancouver is the first step. We’ll help you get to your goal.

Affordable Piano Classes and Simple Maintenance in Vancouver

Pianos range from luxury models to more practical digital keyboards, suitable for all types of piano classes. It’s easy to find an instrument within your price range. Unlike other instruments, digital keyboards are “pick up and play”: they require no tuning or maintenance, making them ideal for those looking to start piano lessons now.

Experience the Full Range of Sound with the Piano

Pianos feature 88 keys, representing the full spectrum of pitches used in most music. The huge reach of this instrument makes piano lessons ideal for building and enhancing core musicianship skills, including understanding key signatures and scales, ear-training, and pitch recognition.

Strengthen Both Hands in Piano Classes

Pianists develop understanding of both melody and harmony by using both hands at the same time. This “bi-manual dexterity” serves any musician well and is a foundational aspect of any education in piano and music theory.

Essential Musical Training in Piano Lessons Vancouver

Professional musicians might focus on their primary instrument but they probably also know their way around the keyboard. Since the piano is such a useful instrument to explore, understand, and experiment with music, we believe that all musicians can benefit immensely from experience with piano lessons and classes.

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Piano Lessons Vancouver: Tailored for Every Skill Level

Whatever your skill level and whatever your age, MiFa Music & Art School is committed to providing piano lessons that unlock your fullest potential. Our piano teachers personalize your lesson plan to reflect your interests as you strengthen the skills that all musicians need.

A Diversity of Style in Our Piano Classes

Whether you want to play compositions by Bach or Beethoven or sing along to Justin Bieber or Disney soundtracks, our piano classes in North Vancouver ensure that your teacher emphasizes correct posture and technique, music literacy skills, pitch recognition and ear-training, music theory, song-structure comprehension—and much more.

Based on 163 reviews
The place to go for music and art lessons in North Vancouver.
Michael Streit
Michael Streit
The art school and art teacher at MiFa is great. My daughter is going to art lessons with Marjan and Piano lessons with Medya. One thing I like the most is their recitals and galleries.it keeps students motivated.
Mahtab G
Mahtab G
The best music academy 🙏thanks a lot for your amazing job peyman jan , Aida jan , Arsam jan 🙏🙏, highly recommended
Samira Ordoodary
Samira Ordoodary
We were very happy with MiFa for our son. Peyman is a great piano teacher. He was very patient and our son had a great time learning from him. I would highly recommend their school.
Tara Torkoladi
Tara Torkoladi
My children have been attending piano classes with Peyman, and I am extremely pleased with the progress they have made. Peyman is a patient and knowledgeable instructor who creates a fun learning environment. I highly recommend this piano class for kids!
Sheida Eslami
Sheida Eslami
Peyman is a great violin teacher, my daughter is excited every time she's gonna go to the class, & we can see her progress since she's started.👌
shahrzad refahi
shahrzad refahi
Medya is a wonderful piano teacher! She's really nice and sweet, and she's great at making kids love playing the piano. Thanks to her, my daughter has gotten a lot better in a short time. Every Sunday, my daughter can't wait for her piano class with Medya. We're so happy we found her
Hannah Goharjoo
Hannah Goharjoo

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FAQs about Piano Classes North Vancouver

Providing a friendly atmosphere for music students of all ages, interests and skill levels

For children 5 and younger, we recommend enrolment in our Kids Music Class. Children 5 and older show more interest in one-on-one piano lessons. Our policy is that it’s never too early to start piano lessons, provided that the student is interested to learn.

Yes, we welcome adult students of all ages and skill levels.

We recommend building piano practice into your daily routine. We also recommend focusing on quality of practice time rather than quantity. Your instructor will help you make your practice as efficient as possible.

That is up to you! We want all our students to see progress and enjoy their accomplishments. Our piano teachers guarantee that your progress with the piano will reflect the effort you put into practice.

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Watch Your Child’s Improvement with us

We are proud to showcase our students’ performances. Watch your children play the music they love.

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Providing a friendly atmosphere for music students of all ages, interests and skill levels