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MiFa Music & Art School offers an academic approach to classical and traditional music and art training. We focus on what you want to learn, whether that is musical ability and literacy, preparing for the Royal Conservatory of Music, composing and arranging your own songs, or expressing yourself through visual art such as painting, drawing, or calligraphy. Our instructors have chosen music and art as their lifelong passion. They believe in the importance of developing the technical skill of artistic craft, but at all stages of their teaching career they keep in mind what drew them to music and art in the first place: curiousity, an openness to new experience, and the joy of sifting through the richness of art, be it through eye or ear. We believe music and art are never merely about routine exercises. Instead, they’re timehonoured practices that enrich our lives in more ways than one

Our Story

MiFa started as a small business with passion at heart. Even though we’ve quickly grown since our inception, we nevertheless keep close the values we started with. Locally run and connected to many communities on the North Shore, we take pride in building a healthy educational culture in which our students —people of all ages, abilities, and talents—can enjoy what they learn and be proud of their achievements. Just as each student has their own unique talents and abilities, each also has areas that could benefit from more cultivation and attention. At Mi Fa, we strive to provide world-class education that is tailored to the individual so they achieve their highest potential.

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Our Professional Team


Peyman Gol Azar

With over 25 years of teaching experience spanning different age groups, Peyman Gol Azar, a founding member of MiFa, brings his passion for music to MiFa Music & Art School. He has garnered numerous awards and scholarships throughout his academic and professional journey, showcasing his dedication to musical excellence.

Peyman has been actively involved in various orchestras, including the local West Coast Orchestra, and his deep-rooted connection to music stems from his family background. His extensive experience in the music industry encompasses studies and work at prestigious institutions such as the Tehran Conservatory of Music and Vancouver Community College, as well as composing music with Raga Sound Studio.

At Mi Fa, Peyman shares his expertise by teaching piano and violin, enriching the musical education of his students with his wealth of knowledge and experience.

Arsam Anvari, singer and musician

Arsam Anvari

singer and musician, has more than 20 years of hands-on experience in the music industry and is well-versed in playing a wide range of instruments, including classical and electric guitar, bass guitar, harmonica, and the handpan.

Arsam also teaches voice and plays a key role in childrens' classes. Arsam has performed with various traditional, pop & rock bands, Mana and Flamenco Group being just a couple, and continues to remain active in the local music scene. Teaching music is his passion.


Jules Frenette

Jules Frenette is a multitalented musician based in Vancouver. First starting with the piano at age seven, they have since gone on to become proficient at conducting and composition. From 2010, with students of all ages and skill levels, Jules has been lending their expertise in piano, music theory, aural skills, chamber music, and choir. They hold a Bachelor of Music degree and Kodály Teacher Training Certificate form the University of Alberta, a Conducting in Music Certificate from Capilano University, and a Master of Music Degree and Graduate Perfor mance Diploma in Piano Performance from the Longy School of Music of Bard College

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Medya Rajabifar

Trained in the piano and kemencheh, Medya Rajabafar started music on the piano at a young age.

Medya has experience in music for more than eight years under the supervision of great instructors and has participated in various performances at Roudaki Hall and Soureh Hall. In addition to teaching piano, kemencheh, and childrens' music classes, Medya is involved with the art side of the school, making them an invaluable member of the team.

judy lee photo

Judy Lee

Judy, a graduate with a Master of Arts degree from SFU in 2013, is dedicated to helping students build learning confidence, reach their potential, and discover the delight in learning. With a focus on foundational piano skills, inspirational music, and positive reinforcement, Judy brings a simple yet effective approach to teaching.

Having completed both bachelor's and master's degrees in education, along with piano pedagogy during her undergraduate years, Judy possesses a wealth of experience and a deep love for teaching piano. Her passion shines through as she motivates students to enjoy music, enhance self-assurance, and nurture analytical thinking skills. Judy also takes pride in identifying the musical aspects that resonate uniquely with each student.

Remi Hyman Piano teacher

Remi Hyman

Remi has been playing piano since the age of 6, learning how to play classical RCM, Jazz, and improvisation while taking lessons throughout his formative years. Eventually, he began pursuing a Bachelor's degree in performance and music education at McGill University at 17. He was a multi-instrumentalist with the Canadian Armed Forces and performed in embassies, government functions, churches, parades, and ceremonies. Subsequently, he found himself teaching at the Borden Military Academy of Music, teaching Piano, Tuba, musicianship, small ensemble, & theory at age 21.

Having moved to the West Coast, he is now focused on private teaching with a focus on piano pedagogy. He continues to hone his craft and interest in music by playing in multiple community bands on the North Shore and continuing his Master's at Capilano University.

Rira music teacher photo playing piano

Shahrzad Raoufi (Rira)

Graduated from the Tehran Conservatory of Music in 2009, I have been dedicated to teaching piano since then. During my studies, I had the privilege of working with distinguished Professor Clara Bokuchava. Their guidance significantly enhanced my understanding of music theory and history, inspiring me to explore the brighter realms of classical piano playing and teaching.

My early piano lessons in childhood laid a solid foundation and instilled in me a deep appreciation for piano music. Working with elementary and intermediate students has been a rewarding part of my teaching journey.

Driven by a lifelong love for music and a commitment to achieving new heights in musical education, I bring with me a rich cultural heritage and a passion for inspiring dreams through music.


Michael Streit

Discovering the tar in 2014, Michael Streit has had the honour to study classical Iranian music with many teachers living on the North Shore, including Hossein Behroozinia, Peyman Rouhandeh, and most recently Farshad Jamali. He completed his Diploma of Music at VCC in 2016 (where he met and performed with Peyman Azar) and has since diversified his playing to include the setar as well as the oud. People ask him why he is involved with this music even though he is not from Iran.

His reply is always the same: because Iranian art is beautiful, and because he is privileged to live in a city where he can learn about this culture. Michael is excited to continue his journey with this music and invites his students to join him along the way


Marjan Gol Azar

Painter and calligraphist Marjan Gol Azar has over thirty years experience in the visual arts. She studied at Tehran Graphic Conservatory, where she earned her Master's Degree in Painting.

While presenting her works at several exhibitions, such as the Group Exhibitions of Iranian Women, Marjan began learning calligraphy and got her advanced degree in Calligraphy from the Society of Iranian Calligraphers. After graduation, she started creating art full-time. She mainly works in abstract art and is keen on new and creative ideas.