Centre Stage: Six Reasons To Learn This Popular Instrument

popular instrument

Without a doubt, the piano is a popular instrument. It has been for centuries. This isn’t going to change anytime soon! 

To this day, the piano is an excellent instrument to invest in. 

In this article, let’s get into six reasons that explain the piano’s popularity, and why it’s such an important instrument to learn to play.

1. Popular Instrument, Centre Stage

The modern piano evolved from previous keyboard instruments. The psaltery was perfect to sing alongside, just as the harpsichord was perfect to accompany the violin. The fortepiano and the modern piano after them provided the musical foundations for other instruments in performance, in addition to being the main attraction themselves. With the piano’s remarkable pitch range and impressive volume, the instrument was and remains in high demand, both as accompaniment and the star of the show. Additionally, the pipe organ has been a central part of Christian churches for centuries. Many major composers have created music for the church organ.

Above all, the first reason why the piano is a popular instrument is its beautiful sound and its flexibility with other instruments.

2. Great Backwards Compatibility

We should not forget that the harpsichord, the fortepiano, and even the pipe organ are different instruments with different techniques and playing styles. That said, they share one important feature with the modern piano: the manual, or keyboard. With a modern piano (or better yet, a digital keyboard), the musician of today can explore a wide repertoire across centuries of time.

The second reason why the piano is a popular instrument is it has a huge repertoire spanning centuries of history, across dozens of genres, all around the world.

3. Popular Instrument, Perfect Tuning Standard

Perfect Tuning Standard. The piano is an important part of music history. The tuning system we use today, twelve-tone equal temperament, has not always been the standard. Even though this tuning system had been discovered in the 16th century, it was composers like J. S. Bach and his work The Well-Tempered Clavier that argued for the benefits of a standardized equal temperament tuning system. This way, at the cost of “pure” intervals, musicians could achieve greater depth of harmony and greater precision of coordination between instruments. Due to the lengthy process required to tune it, the piano became the standard other instruments tuned to, as well as the standard of an entire tuning system.

The third reason why the piano is a popular instrument is that the piano is often the core of many ensembles, orchestras, and compositions; it plays an important role.

4. A Popular Instrument with High Social Standing

Social Standing. From the days of the harpsichord, the piano has been a symbol of high social importance. Wealthy families could not only afford the instrument, they had the resources to pay for lessons. In the days before television and internet, music was often the main (or only) entertainment at home. To this day, the piano is a mark of class and sophistication. Thankfully, both acoustic and digital pianos have become much more affordable than in the past—and yet this instrument still has a high reputation of prestige and sophistication.

The fourth reason why the piano is a popular instrument is that this instrument is a sign of high respect and achievement, not only in music but also in life.

5. Technological Innovation

Technological Innovation. The history of the piano is closely tied to the developments of science and technology. For example, the Industrial Revolution not only made the modern piano more affordable; it also allowed the instrument to be built with stronger, better materials, resulting in a more attractive instrument. The piano has also kept up well in the Digital Age, too, with electric pianos becoming affordable and convenient to own and play and MIDI keyboards useful in music production. Digital keyboards are crucial to modern music studios, and every music producer worth his or her salt knows how to use one. Keyboard skills are vital for all musicians, no matter what they play.

The fifth reason why the piano is a popular instrument is that it has always been at the height of fine craftsmanship and technological excellence.

6. Gentle For Beginners

The piano is the perfect instrument for beginning musicians. Getting a strong, clear tone is as easy as striking the key. In addition, the piano is popular for learning music theory due to the layout of the black and white keys. Notes are stable and consistent for the piano, as well, leaving aside the difficulty of pitch intonation for brass or string players. It’s no accident that the majority of musicians get their start on the piano.

The sixth and most convincing reason why the piano is a popular instrument is that this instrument is ideal for beginning musicians to learn the foundations of music which will last a lifetime.

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