How to Buy a piano? 2 different types of piano.

buy a piano

If you’ve decided to enroll in Piano Lessons and want to buy a piano,  you’ve come to the right place. There are many reasons Why Neuroscience Explores the Piano!

Finding the ideal piano is the first step, regardless of your intention. Purchasing your first piano can be intimidating, especially when you are overwhelmed with endless questions. This article will walk you through purchasing your first piano and what you must consider beforehand.


Buy a Digital or Acoustic piano                         

Pianos can be divided into two main types: Acoustic and digital. The ideal instrument for you would vary depending on your needs, whether it be an acoustic or a digital one.

Differences and Budget to buy a piano (New or Second Hand)

When shopping to buy a piano, there are differences between acoustic and digital pianos in how the sound is produced. Acoustic piano physically produces the sound by striking the strings with a hammer, which causes the strings to vibrate and amplify the sound, whereas digital pianos produce the sound through recorded sampling, with the tone produced by an electronic tone generator and amplified by a speaker. Financially, Acoustic Pianos are more expensive than Digital Pianos; however, they produce a richer, more resonant, authentic sound. Conversely, digital pianos are more affordable and offer features like headphone jacks and recording capabilities. Secondhand instruments can also be a good choice for those on a tight budget.


Because of its composition, an acoustic piano requires more maintenance.

  • Tuning: Your piano must be tuned typically 1-2 times each year, and a professional’s assistance is required, which would raise your costs.
  • Wood and felt are extremely vulnerable to humidity or temperature fluctuations. It should be kept in an appropriate climate so that it won’t be damaged.


Not only are Digital Pianos much lighter, portable, and easier to move around, but they would also occupy less space than Acoustic Pianos. So, a Digital Piano would be a better choice if you move around quite often.


Are you planning to buy a piano for beginner vs. advanced level?

The piano is a perfect instrument for beginners. Digital Pianos could be better if you want to buy a piano for beginner piano lessons. As you begin to improve or prepare for the RCM Piano Exam, you may want to consider purchasing an Acoustic Piano, as it is more suitable for Intermediate and Advanced players and provides you with better musicality and touch sensitivity.

Considerations such as brand and quality are also crucial when choosing a piano. Yamaha, Steinway & Sons, and Kawai are a few well-known piano manufacturers since they are known for their high-quality pianos preferred by Professional Pianists. However, that does not mean you have to purchase the so-called brands as your first piano! It’s best to find the ideal balance between the budget and the quality. To buy a piano, make sure to ask for your instructor’s assistance.



If you have recently started Piano Lessons and are unsure whether to buy a piano or rent it, read this! You can rent keyboards from great dealers that offer good quality, such as Long & McQuade, Tome Lee, and Tapestry Music. The rentals range from as low as 44$ to 52$ for Rent to Own Programs. Most of these dealers let your rental payments apply to the final full price of instruments. Or, based on your demands, you might want to consider purchasing an Acoustic or a Digital Piano.

Amazon is also another option for finding affordable Pianos/Keyboards for beginners. We highly recommend checking recent reviews and using your critical thinking skills and free Mifa Music and Art school consultation before your final purchase.

Finally, when entering the music store to buy a piano, you will face hundreds of options, which can be overwhelming. Consider all the points that we mentioned before your renting and purchasing decisions. If you are delighted with your purchase, you will spend more time picking up your instrument and playing it all the time. Mifa Music and Art School offers free online and in-person purchase advice and consultation. We will help you select the best musical instrument based on your interest and ability.



Some of the best budget Digital Pianos:

  • Roland FP 10
  • Yamaha P45
  • Korg B2


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