Persian Calligraphy

Persian Calligraphy or Iranian Calligraphy is the calligraphy of the Persian language. It is one of the most admired arts throughout the history of Persian culture. Not only learning Calligraphy is an eye-catching art, but It also is beneficial in many ways!

Calligraphy is best for your mental health. It is a stress relieving art to focus on and calm your mind. It improves your motor skills as well as your hand-eye coordination. Learning calligraphy is not an expensive art at all. You just need a pen and a paper to learn the basics of calligraphy. Whether you just want a good handwriting or you’d like to be advanced in calligraphy, you can start your path by taking calligraphy courses. By learning Calligraphy you’ll be able to create your own unique art by combining them with calligraphy. There are tones of ways to make art in your own unique way. At MiFa Music & Art School, Marjan will tutor you all through your way in calligraphy.

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