How Music & Art Affect Your Kids’ Development

How Music & Art Affect Your Kids’ Development

Music, Art & Your Children

Kids and music

Recent researches show that music and other arts can affect kids’ brain development. Often when we think about the factors that benefit our mental health or our kids’ life, exercise is right up at the top, along with a healthy diet. But have you ever made a connection between mental health and, say, picking up a paintbrush, writing a song or playing a piece of music?

Below are five reasons why you should expose your children to Music & Art

1. Develop creativity

Using Music and visual Art to express themselves can tap into their inner creativity. (so, perhaps it’s no surprise that adult colouring books have taken off in popularity). When they put effort and passion into something creative and see it through, they may gain self–confidence and self-esteem.

2 .Enhance cognitive skills and academic achievements

Music students engage in various learning processes that may aid their school performance. For example, they learn to read music notation, develop eye-hand-mind coordination, improve their listening skills, develop team skills, and practice discipline.

Did you know that children who also participate in visual arts learn to build their organizational skills, visual memory, and emotions? Students with these skills are more prepared to learn and can often see connections that other students may miss.

3. Improve motor skills and visual learning skills 

Motions needed to learn an instrument or create Art are great for developing fine motor skills. Using their hands and fingers to play an instrument, holding a crayon or a paintbrush to make dots and lines, mixing paint colours, using scissors to cut paper, or kneading and rolling play dough are all fun ways for children to increase their agility and coordination.

4. Function as a healthy emotional release

 We’ve all had those moments when stress, anxiety, frustration or even anger is just rumbling around inside us and trying to get out. Whenever it feels like your mind could use a break, Music and Arts are a great distraction that allows you to channel and express your emotions rather than ruminate over a problem.

5. Build Self Esteem and Self Confidence

Music can help your child with socialization and relationship-building skills that can result in friendships lasting a lifetime. There is high correlations between positive self-perception, cognitive competence, self-esteem, and interest and involvement in school music. The confidence and self-beliefs that can accrue from learning to play a musical instrument and performing in public may increase motivation more generally leading to enhanced attainment across the whole curriculum.

painting easel

Music and Art are potent tools for yourself and your child’s development. In addition, these tools can easily incorporate into your child’s everyday life. Let us unleash and nurture your kid’s talent at MiFa Music and Art School. We offer a Consultation Session for your loved one or yourself in both Music and Art.