Tombak lessons

Tombak, also called Zarb, is one of Iran’s main percussion instruments of classical and folkloric music. It’s a wooden goblet drum, the most frequently played percussion instrument. Unlike other drums, this goblet drum is played using all the fingers. That technique makes Tombak one of the most interesting traditional drums globally. With starting Tombak lessons, you would be able to play with different styles of music such as middle eastern music and world music.

Regardless of your age, style and experiences, your tombak instructor will indeed teach you in a highly suitable manner. What you will enjoy is to

  • Attend a unique tombak course – Tailored to your distinct request and abilities 
  • Choose your favourite music style
  • Experience an exceptional tombak education – Learn with highly qualified and experienced tombak instructors
  • Benefit from the support of an expert – Study with a highly encouraging tombak instructor
Tombak Lesson North Vancouver

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